Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Review – Closer To Nature Electric

Tommee Tippee Breast PumpTommee Tippee have been top players in the infant feeding world since 1965. In 2006 the developed their Closer to Nature range in conjugation with breastfeeding mums, babies and midwives.  The aim of the range was for their products to promote the natural feeding actions of a breastfed baby.

This Tommee Tippee Breast Pump came to my attention as the only electric breast pump available from Tommee Tippee.

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Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Review

Tell me more…

The pump looks rather similar in style to the Medela Swing model with it’s round design. It’s designed to provide comfort for you whilst pumping with its soft silicone cups. The suction action is designed to mimic your babies feeding rhythm . You can set the pump suction to a strength which is effective enough for you with 4 adjustable suction options (light, low, medium and high). This design feature is essential with an electric breast pump. Optimal suction speed makes you comfortable enough to express the most milk you can in one sitting.

Design Updates

With earlier models there appeared to be a problem with leaking milk from the system.  Tommee Tippee has recently updated the valve design to solve this problem. The new design has increased the pumps efficiency and is guaranteed to prevent back flow of the milk.


You certainly get value for money with the contents of this pump set for the price you will pay.  The tommee tippee electric is one of the cheapest  electric breast pumps on the UK market. The set includes a pump, a microwave steriliser, bottle, storage and breast pads which is a fantastic set when compared with other breast pump sets.

What I liked about this pump

The system is  lightweight and portable which makes it the ideal pump for mums on the go. The pump itself consists of only 3 parts so if really easy to assemble, use and clean. All the parts can be steam sterilised. A great feature of the steriliser is that it can be used as a storage box to keep all of the parts together. The pump comes with a standard white 150ml bottle and a closer to nature teat. These bottles were recent winners of the Gold Practical Parenting Awards and Prima Baby’s Platinum Readers Award. If you are looking for extra bottles Tommee Tippee do a fun ‘Closer to nature’ range of decorated pink and blue bottles.

Extra Features

This pump can be by a main power adapter and also has a battery options too (requires 4x AA). This is extremely handy if you do not have access to an electricity supply on you want to have the freedom to move around whilst pumping.

The Tommee Tippee breast pump is a closed system, often a feature only seen in more expensive or hospital grade pumps. You will never need to worry about mould growing int eh ‘unseen’ parts as the  closed system means that the breast milk will not come into contact with the pump system or the air.

What’s Included?

  • Electric breast pump (220-240V)
  • Closer to Nature slow flow Teat
  • 5oz (150ml) unisex Bottle
  • Milk storage pot
  • Silicone Breast shield
  • Microwave steriliser/storage box
  • 6 x Breast Pads
  • Power Cord
  • Plastic Connector Tube



The Closer to Nature Electric Breast pump comes with a standard 1 year warranty. Also if you have any problems with the pump then the customer services at Tommee Tippee is know to be excellent. You can reach them at Freephone: 0500 97 98 99.

What mums are saying

The electric Tommee Tippee breast pump scores an average 3.5 out of 5 stars. So let’s see what they think of it.

The Pros

“comes with lots of bits and pieces, all explained clearly on the packaging”
Most of the top reviews stated that they found it very easy to use and that the instruction manual was very clear.

“for price alone this is great value”
A lot of mums found the pump to be great value for money with the extra accessories. A few people commented how they found the pump and inexpensive step up to an electric pump from a manual pump.

“Takes a bit to get used to it, but after the 2nd time I could pump a 5oz bottle in 15/20 mins.”

The pump was found to be effective at expressing milk fairly quickly. Most women reported  getting off around 4oz in 20 minutes when used in the upper suction levels.

“I was very impressed with Tommee Tippy’s customer service department, they could not have been more accommodating.”
There was high praise for Tommee Tippee customer services for replacing parts. The pump comes with a 1 year warranty and a free-line  phone number for customer services.

“The pump is FAB! Easy to assemble and take apart to wash/steralise, microwave box is super handy “
There was also lots of positive comments about how easy the pump was to clean, particularly  as it comes with a steriliser which can be used to store the pump in and so you wouldn’t need to go and buy extra equipment, which can push your costs up.

A Few More Positive comments

  • “It is amazing. Very easy to use, wash”
  • “Does exactly what you want and need”
  • “great product and so much easier to use than the handheld number”
  • “It doesn’t hurt when I pump the milk”
  • “this Tommee Tippee was amazingly comfortable”

Any Complaints?

There are a few negative reviews for this breast pump. On closer inspection they really seemed to have a common theme.

“I have quite large breasts and we wondered if it would work more efficiently on smaller, more pert breasts?”
It appears that most of the complaint seem to be that the suction is really poor in the breast pump, particularly if you have large breasts.

“TRY IT WITHOUT SILICONE PART OF SUCTION CUP!!! it really works, and the suction is great.”
This was a tip from one mum who suggested removing the silicone part of the breast shield. She was struggling to get good pump and it greatly improved the suction and works great for her now.

“It’s not loud, it’s just off-putting to be reminded that you’re effectively hooked up to a machine.
Some buyers also thought that the Tommee Tippee pump rather noisy, although not loud just more of a mechanical drone which some found irritating.

“The steriliser box, might seem that doesn’t close properly but once in microwve the plastic dilates and closes properly when pressed but only when hot”
A few people reported that the microwave steriliser lid was too small to fit but someone reported that the lid dilates when hot to form a tight seal to keep the inside sterile.

In Conclusion…..

There is no denying that this is the best value for money breat pump kit on the market. I would recommend this breast pump if your looking to occasionally pump and on a limited budget.  If you are looking for a complete system as a step up from a manual hand pump then the Closer to Nature breast pump may be worth a look since it’s a great offer price. However if you are large chested or looking for a quiet breast pump then I’d give this one a miss (you may want to try a Philips Avent model or Medela Swing).

Where can I read more reviews on the Tommee Tippee Breast Pump?

You can read more reviews of this breast pump on Amazon, written by people who have bought and used this pump. There are currently over 110 reviews on this breast pump.


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